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True Colors Personality Test

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True Colors Personality Assessment Test and Behavioral Profile

We no longer offer the Online True Colors Test online or in any other format.  Based on our research we have found the DiSC® Classic Profile to better meet our client's needs.

Below are some books on True Colors.

Showing Our True Colors by Mary Miscisin

Showing Our True Colors is a fun, uplifting, easy to use guide for discovering personality styles. It provides insights as to why people act as they do. Based on Don Lowry’s True Colors® model, you will discover tips for understanding, appreciating and relating to each behavioral style.

Target Audience: Adults. Format: 242 pages, soft cover book.  Objectives: Take True Colors to a much deeper depth.

Benefits: Full of lighthearted anecdotes that present these styles in “real life” situations, offering powerful methods for resolving conflicts, improving communication, and increasing personal effectiveness. Convenient reference lists and a set of color character cards are included to easy assess your True Colors spectrum. You will learn how the individual attributes of others impact your life in everyday situations. Miscisin uncovers the power of the True Colors process. It is filled with easy-to-use tools for personal growth, as well as tips for understanding, appreciating, and relating to each Color style. The end result is a positive understanding of the uniqueness in yourself and others. This book provides a fantastic foundation for understanding how to use and enjoy True Colors in every aspect of life.

  • True Colors process and cards are included
  • In-depth information on Communication
  • In-depth information on Relating
  • Understand when your “out of esteem” or faded and what to do.
  • Learn about introvert/extrovert
  • Read about real life situations and examples     


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Phone: Toll Free at (877) 347-2665 or (847) 906-DISC Fax: (312) 873-3868

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